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COBRA steering column / wheel for sale

Posted: 04 Apr 2021, 13:28
by Ruud Welle
My Leisure 27 had a steering wheel in the cockpit.
As I preferred tiller steering, the steering column was removed and
the tiller reassembled.
Last year I (to my regret) sold my Leisure 27.
The disassembled steering column is now for sale.
The data are:
- COBRA mechanical steering column
- Equipped with a really beautiful Olympic Plastimo 130 compass
- Steering wheel diameter 55 cm, 6 spoke
- Equipped with ring for autopilot belt
All relevant parts are present to connect the steering wheel to the rudder stock (see
accompanying photos).
I am offering this column for a price of € 350,--.
I hope that someone is interested and wants to pick up the parts in the Netherlands
because sending is not an option given the (custom)costs.
Interested parties can contact me via e-mail address known within the LOA site
or otherwise via this forum.
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Re: COBRA steering column / wheel for sale

Posted: 29 Apr 2021, 17:04
by Phil
Hi Ruud,
sorry to hear you've sold your boat, I hope that otherwise you are well.
It would be great to have some spares for the wheel I have on my L29 , but I won't be going to the Netherlands in the foreseeable future. Its quite annoying , I had to buy a new compass recently and it's nowhere near as nice as the original! To be honest I can't see me needing a new column or wheel but your linkage parts look quite new. Would you consider selling them separately?
Phil Mason
Lazy Bear
07793 203797

Re: COBRA steering column / wheel for sale

Posted: 04 May 2021, 09:12
by Ruud Welle
Hi Phil,
Good to hear that there is some interest for the steering system.
Although now the parts are of no use to me, I like to keep them together.
I can imagine that someone who wants to install something like this is looking for a complete set.
Thanks anyway for your response.
Kind regards,
Ruud van der Welle